Interdisciplinary Professionals

A work team is a group of people with complementary skills who perform a task producing a synergy and achieving the results that are proposed for a business to take off.

Each one of us, in our area we are the best coordinating projects, shaping your website so that it acquires a brand identity, so that your website works correctly. The two main people are Steven Rodríguez and Carolina Viganó. With them, you will work practically during the entire process. Once the design and programming stage is finished to position it in search engines organically and thus make more people know you in the vast world that is the internet.

Ronald Rojas , is the photographer and videographer to whom we entrust many jobs. Pictures sell and videos even more. Laura Madrid is in charge of writing the content in case you don’t have anything or don’t know how. It is a work team in which it is worth investing time and money.

Steven Rodríguez

CEO / Web Developer

Carolina Viganó

Project Coordination and Graphic Design

Ronald Rojas

Photography and Video

Laura Madrid