Connect your company with the world

Having a website is not optional, our clients assume that we have one… but how are they going to find us? Are they going to buy us? Are they going to call us?

Present yourself to the world with a clear and organized image, showing your products in the best possible way. There are many factors that affect the closing of a sale, and having a website is one of them.

In general we can distinguish two types of websites: BUSINESS, who present the company and request that the client contact them and those of ONLINE SALE, which the customer can buy directly without having to communicate with the company.

Visitors to a website decide in the first 5 seconds (if only 5 seconds) if they like the website or not, whether they will buy or not. Therefore, the loading speed and the graphics of the website is essential.

Business Website

It is said that 78% of the users who arrive at a Web page evaluate the credibility of the company for the design of their page and that 94% of the people who visit a Web site reject it because of its appearance. They are too high figures not to take them into account.

Online store

Selling on the Internet is not putting a series of products on a website and waiting for them to sell themselves, without any financial or time investment. Although selling online is a complex process that requires effort and training, it does not have to be complicated or tedious.